We are honored to host JILL BROMENSCHENKEL as our keynote speaker for the KORCOS October 2012 International Education Conference.

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Jill Bromenschenkel has come full circle. Once a KORCOS conference attendee, Ms. Bromenschenkel will be the frontrunner of this year’s conference Inspiring Global Leaders as she delivers the Keynote address from the stage of the Grand Theater at SGUF. Her passion for empowering and supporting educators in a 21st century community led her to found Connectivity Learning, an organization dedicated to promoting collaboration and global connections. Her expertise in delivering content through technology and social media is founded on years of experience as a learning and development consultant, classroom teachers, middle school principal and ELL educator. Ms. Bromenschenkel’s travels span the globe as a technology and integration specialist and workshop presenter in both the US and East Asia. Recent appearances by Ms. Bromenschenkel took place at Nanjing International School in Nanjing China and at this year’s EARCOS conference in Bangkok, Thailand.

Ms. Bromenschenkel is currently finishing up her Doctorate degree in Learning Technologies from Pepperdine University. She also holds a Master’s degree in K12 Administration/Education from Michigan State University and a Bachelor’s degree in Education and Spanish from Bethel University. Previous workshop titles include Engaging ELLs Through Technology, Yakity Yak, Please Talk Back and Collaboration and Co-Teaching: Tools and Strategies for Working Together.

Connect with Jill on Twitter: @JillBromen, the Connectivity Learning Facebook page and Connectivity Learning website

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