Story of Stuff: Buy, Use, Toss=

Obsessive consumerism drives a materials economy is depleting our natural resources, exposing us to dangerous toxins, producing an exorbitant amount of waste and creating a system that devalues the quality of human life and the environment in order to make a profit.

We strive to make our students aware of environmental issues and their role in them. In this presentation we will present you with information and resources to create and implement relevant lesson plans and projects. The goal is to increase students understanding of consumption implications and the impact of their own ecological footprint.

Everyone has time to use these ideas. We will share 10 minute ideas and two weeks of lessons. Do as much as time allows.
Earth Day is coming soon. This would be a great time to use these ideas.




BUY USE TOSS UNIT PLAN: http://www.facingthefuture. org/Curriculum/BuyUseToss/ tabid/469/Default.aspx


The Story of Stuff Project
Buy, Use, Toss
No Impact Project

Other ideas: We will add your great resources here too.
No More Dirty Looks- a blog, a book, a look at the cosmetics industry with a great chemistry on the good, bad, and down-right ugly chemical we use on our bodies everyday
EWG- Environmental Work Group- great research on chemicals and the environment and its affect our bodies too
EWG- Skindeep Cosmetic's database-great for looking up the products you use, to see if they are truly "green".
EARTH HOUR- March 26th-8:30pm What are you doing for this hour?
Billion Trees Project- A United Nations supported project that would be great to support, and help us reduce our carbon footprint.
Tim Jackson- Economic Reality Check- a ted talk with an alternative plan.

If you any comments or questions, feel free to email us.
Alexandria Wenzel awenzel@kis.or.kr
Melanie Kells mkells@kis.or.kr