You have reached the site for the 28th KORCOS International Education Conference held on October 26, 2012.
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SUNY Korea 187 Songdo-Dong, Yeonsu-Gu, Incheon City, Korea
인천광역시 연수구 송도동 송도문화로 119(구 187번지) 한국뉴욕주립대
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October 26, 2012
Our keynote speaker: Jill Bromenschenkel
Songdo, Incheon, South Korea
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KORCOS Autumn 2012 Conference theme: INSPIRING GLOBAL LEADERS
The Korea Council of Overseas Schools (KORCOS), in collaboration with the office of the Mayor of Incheon, Honorable Song Young Gil, the Songdo Global University Foundation (SGUF) and the Incheon Free Economic Zone (IFEZA), will be holding the KORCOS Autumn 2012 International Education Conference on October 26 on the SGU campus. The theme is Inspiring Global Leaders. This conference’s theme is once again a double-edged keyword line. Global leaders can be inspiring to all professional communities. Likewise, communities of lifelong learners inspire global leaders.

Global leadership entails collaboration, convergence, and connectedness. It is my continuing hope that with KORCOS, learning is a well-sustained interdependent lifestyle. It is through this dynamic interdependence that I look forward to a full day of Inspiring Global Leaders sharing well-tested practice, strategies, and expertise.

Alice Fe D. Lavina, Ed.D., Ph. D.
KORCOS President

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We hope you have an enriching dayas we continue to learn how to keep onINSPIRING GLOBAL LEADERS!