2011-Session 3 Presentations

Session 3 Presentations (11:50-12:40)

*Presenters please upload anything you would like your attendees to have!

NOTE: Karen Ratta's presentation as listed in booklet, "Dream, Believe, Achieve" has been cancelled...**

Title of Presentation
Room Number
Michael Castellani
Teaching Mathematical Concepts using Games & Logic Puzzles
H 105
Tim Bray
Google Docs and Apps for Teachers
H 500
John Mulcahy
Bodyweight Exercise
Donna Benjamin
Inspiring Learners: Inquiry & Brain-Based Strategies
M 405
Steven Ward Sr.
“Impact Project: Assessment of Positive Environment; Collaboration”
H 402
Mrs. Iljun Lee
Korean Traditioanl drum (Sul Jang Ku)
MB 206
Jay Londgren
Using Technology in Secondary Music Rehearsals: Yes! It's possible!
MB 109
Jason Crewe
Using Google Docs in Education
E 107
Angela Carscadden
Yoga in the classroom
Kevin Olds
"Whatever It Takes"
H 301
Mark Stoliker
Music as a Way of Acquiring Language Naturally in the ESL Curriculum
M 403
Eric Baland
Aviary Online Tools - Phoenix and Peacock
HB 101
Sally Corben
Online Portfolios
H 303
Nick Corben
H 403
Hyekyung Song and Miyoung Cho
New to Korea? Come learn something new!
G 303
InSun Han
Teaching Korean 1 and 2 Through Music and Activities
G 504
Erik Custer
Creating and Running a School-wide At Home Fitness Program
M 404
Don Robinson
Book Adventure
M 406
Kathryn Adams
Beginning a Journalism Club
H 405
Steve Katz
Paperless Classroom
M 402
Christine Martin, Maureen Wellbery
A Closet, a Lamp and a Bottle of Wine!
G 406
Ron Lancaster
The Mathematical Lens: Using photos and videos to teach mathematics
Jean Lee
Visible Thinking: Classroom Routines to Deepen Understanding
H 208
Paul Sidoff, Scott Bittner
Wind-Driven Ocean Circulation
G 403
Dennis Zions
Bring more technology into your classroom and school.
G 308
Johan Greyvensteyn
Noodle Mania
Soleiman Dias
Education in Korea: The Basics and Current Issues - An Update
H 407
Christine Usyak, Apple Distinguished Educator
Christine Usyak, Apple Distinguished Educator
H 501
Rosanna Ellis
The Daily 5 and The literacy Cafe
M 407
Brenda Brayko
The New and Improve Turnitin.com Does Everything!
H 406
Sterling Johnson
Kevin Kester
Social Justice Theatre
M 304
Beth Iliff
Rhythm and Rhyme / Music and Movement
H 302
Tim Trotter and Chadwick Hamilton
The EcoGeo Challenge (this meets session 3 and 4)
M 401
Russael Johanys
Teach Like a Champion
H 209