Session 2 Presentations (10:50-11:40)

*Presenters please upload anything you would like to your page/link for your attendees!

Title of Presentation
Room Number
Joshua Brinn
Edmodo - Using social networking in the classroom
E 107
Richard Schlenker & Andrew Ross
The Ocean in the Earth System
HB 101
Patricia Roskens
Cooperative Percussion Composition
Michael Castellani
Making Math Class Fun
H 105
Tim Bray
Podcasting in the Classroom
H 500
Alexandria Wenzel and Melanie Kells
The Story of Stuff: Buy, Use, Toss
G 307
Brenda Brayko
Assessment Portfolios in the 9 - 12 classroom
H 406
Ragna Reimers
Enhancing Student Learning Through The Use Of Storybooks
M 407
Steve Katz
Classroom Management in a 1:1 Environment
M 402
Danielle Rich
The Best of the Best -- Some Old, Some New, Music and Movement Just For You!
G 505
Jeffrey McGee
Decision Making in the Best Interests of Students
G 403
Yonghee Kim and Miyoung Cho
Cultural Presentation on Korea
G 303
Kimberly Thomson & Kendra Goodman
Zumbatomic ~ Zumba for Kids!
Beth Iliff
Books and Brains / Letters and Love
H 302
Sue Choi
Projects/Lab for Pre-Calculus
H 501
Nick Corben
Create your own wiki
H 403
Aysem Bray
Using technology in language class
G 602
Alyssia Hunter, Jennifer Baradi
Making movies
G 404
Darby Donaho
Science Fairs for Elementary
M 303
Ellen Arnold
Balancing brains in your brilliant classroom!
M 201
Sara Stoolman and Kelly McCauley
Technology in the ES classroom: ePals, Progressive Story, and VoiceThread
ES 307
Roger Gribbins
Lettuce of Wreckamendnation
H 209
Gary Donahue
Running a K-12 robotics program
G 404
Marian Gillett
5. Title of presentation:Developmental Volleyball Drills for Beginners
Geri Fortner and Maninder Sharma
The Developing Teen Brain
H 301
Adam Teather
Using Visual Frameworks to Organize Problem Solving
H 504
Cameron Gonzales Jeffery Furner
Academic Vocabulary
H 502
Stephanie Laird and Janie Stewart
Washi Eggs and Paper Cranes
H 106
Bruce Roadside, Apple Distinguished Educator
Do More with Keynote
H 501
Kenneth Caldwell
101 Common Bad Habits in Band
Joe Amabile
Building Student Respect through Trust and Respect
H 401
Michael Castellani
Teaching Mathematical Concepts using Games & Logic Puzzles
Rick Jones and Bobbie Jones
American Red Cross certified CPR Course ($20 fee, must also attend session 1)
H103 and H102
Dr. Tamara S. Hamilton
Juggling Elephants for Strategic Leadership Development: (Part 2 - pt. 1 in session 1)
H 404