Session 1 Presentations (9:50-10:40)

*Presenters please upload any materials you want on your page (link) for your attendees!

Title of Presentation
Room Number
Azarea Dzinic
Suminagashi - Japanese Paper Marbling
H 305
Alice Fe D. Lavina
eTeaching Experiences: Best Practices & Innovative Learning
H 205
Bill Hatchett
Interactivate: Exploration in Science and Math
HB 103
Jim French
Come with nothing, leave with a fully functional webpage
E 107
Tony and Shanna Hurt
Confronting Genocide: A Failure in Humanity
H 301
Vanessa Allen
A Monument to Recycling
H 303
Dr. Bernadette Schlueter
Deconstructing Geometric Shapes
M 306
R. Scott Morris, Ed.D.
Mexican history lessons in the Spanish language classroom
M 401
Brian Longbotham
How to Make a School Newscast
H 506
Kevin Kvam
Percussion and Double Bass Basics
MB 107
Russael Johanys
Teach Like A Champion---Report From A User
H 208
Steve Katz
Teach With Video: Student Created Videos in Your Classroom
M 402
Sean Feller
Using Scales and Beakers in Science and Math
G 308
Sondra Mullenax
Digital Photography for the DSLR Novice
Richard Schlenker & David Cullen
Forcasting & Interpreting Weather
HB 101
Susan Toms, Thomas Toms
Lead-up games for basketball, soccer, and table tennis
Lower Gym
Gray Macklin
Getting More From Less: Improving Student Presentations
M 303
Andy Whitney
Positive Behavior Management for Ages 3 - 8
M 404
Tim Bray
Developing a PLN through Blogging, Facebook, and/or Twitter
H 500
Dr. Richard Harris
M.A. in Education Face-To-Face Right Here in South Korea
Jee Young Kim & Elaine Lee
Hook Your Students on Writing
M 403
Elizabeth Hickey & Brenda Moore
One Book, One School, One Community
H 300
Leslie Rains and Kris Feller
Creating an official book award selected by the international school community of Korea.
MS/HS Library
InSun Han
Teaching Korean 1 and 2 Through Music and Activities
G 504
Janie Stewart
Get Motivated!!! Learn about Motivational D.N.A.
H 106
Maria Carreon
"FUNdamentals of Science" Workshop
G 307
Kim Lombardi
Literacy in the Early Years classroom
M 408
Jerry Groover and Vicki Tuttle
Cooking Across the Curriculum
G 404
Darren Price, Apple Distinguished Educator
Enhancing Creativity - Podcasting in the Classroom
H 501
Jongbaek, Yoon
Music in early years
MB 206
Marian Gillett
Fitness Self Assessments
Upper Gym
Kenneth Caldwell
Creating Better Bands Through High Quality Literature
Katherine Thomas
Relaxation Techniques for Stress Relief
G 505
Rick Jones and Bobbie Jones
American Red Cross certified CPR Course ($20 certification fee - meets session 1 and 2)
H103 and H102
Dr. Tamara S. Hamilton
Juggling Elephants for Strategic Leadership Development: Part 1 (Pt. 2 in next session)
H 404