Suminagashi - Japanese Paper Marbling
Simple Suminagashi
art + social studies
If you’re a teacher, student, group leader or parent... you’ll love this project. It's “no fail” — everybody gets great results. It’s fast, it’s easy, requires very little in the way of set up or clean up. And the best part is, it gives students the opportunity to try a traditional art from another culture, Japan.

The word “Suminagashi” translates literally as “spilled ink.” Centuries before the art of marbleizing papers was practiced in Western cultures, Japanese craftsmen created patterns by floating ink on the surface of water and transferring it to a sheet of paper. Because the nature of water is ever-changing and constantly moving, Suminagashi printers are viewed as great masters of control. Each monoprint is like a fingerprint — unique and unreproducible.

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Presenter: Azarea Dzinic